You benefit from a company recognized by the industry as being among the very best. A National Emmy award is the highest award in American Television. Recipients are chosen by the National Academy of  Television Arts and Sciences. These are the same awards you see given out on TV.

As a company, Sloan Productions has been awarded four National Emmy Awards:

  • emmyIn 1987 for Bob’s contributions as DP, Cameraman, & Underwater Specialist, to the Mutual of Omaha/ABC Sports production of “Undersea the Galapagos”.
  • emmyIn 1992 for Bob’s contributions as DP and cameraman to the ESPN/ABC Sports production of the 1992 America’s Cup.
  • emmy In 1999 both Bob & Jeff were awarded for multiple contributions as DP, cameramen, and Time Lapse Photographers to ESPN’s production of the Summer X Games.
  • emmyAs a company, Sloan Productions has received over 28 Telly Awards for Corporate/Industrial Production. A Telly award is similar to an Emmy, yet is for non-broadcast video production, mainly video for business.



Bob is also the recipient of an Honorary Master of Science Degree in Photography from the Brooks Institute of Photographic Arts in Santa Barbara in recognition for his accomplishments and cumulative experience in the industry.